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Frequently Asked Questions
Ask How are the domes packaged?

Answer:There are several different packaging methods to choose from, depending on your specific application. The domes can be packaged in Bulk (jars) , on polyester-adhesive Sheets, and in Cartridges for use with the Metal Dome Placement Pen and the Automated Dome Placement Machine. Please contact us for more information.

AskWhat is dimple?

Answer:There are 2 types of dimple : dimple & micro-dimple. The micro-dimple exists for 6mm domes. In case of dust on the circuit, it can eliminate the dust and make the contact. The dimple on the 8.4mm & 12.2mm domes allows a bigger surface of contact. It is recommanded for flexible circuits in order to limit the travel.

AskWho are the users of arrays ?

Answer:All membrane switch manufacturers. In all projects including keypads you can use dome arrays.

Ask What does it mean to over-travel a metal dome?

Answer:Most of our metal domes are designed to be depressed to flat and no further. However, in some applications more travel is required. Our Circle-Series metal domes are designed with an additional .005" travel past the flat plane. This means that the dome will exhibit its designed characteristics only when over-traveled. Conversely, the dome will not exhibit its designed tactile response when pushed to flat. The Circle-Series metal domes will accommodate this additional travel without damaging the metal dome.

Ask.Can the domes be soldered to a circuit board?

Answer:A. Not recommended. When the domes are pushed, the feet actually move outward slightly. When soldered to a circuit board, the feet of the domes are restricted from their natural movement. This restriction can negatively affect the tactile response of the domes, and in some cases, cause irreparable damage to the domes. http://www.adv-cn.com/admin/index.asp?


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