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4Metal Dome Membrane Switch

Metal dome membrane switch has advantage of long life span, less resistance, stabilization, sensitive action and equal pressure, and has water proof, dustproof, grease proof and other characters.    

As an only metal part of metal dome membrane switch, metal dome’s technology specification should match the PCB and the switch assembly, which can enhance the virtue of excellent conductivity, steady return force and superiority tactile when applying in the membrane switch

In order to avoid shortcoming of membrane switch which caused by unreasoning using metal dome only as a tactile part in FPC, here we offer the characters sheet to help customers to choose right metal dome to match membrane switches, which indicates the character of both metal dome and  membrane switches, it can farthest enhance practicability of the switches. 

. Cross metal dome specification

. Characters of cross metal dome membrane switch


4Metal Dome Membrane Switch

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