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Frequently Asked Questions
AskQ.How do I apply the metal domes to my p.c.b., membrane, or flex circuit?

Answer:A. Our metal domes are applied by means of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. Several standard material options are available, as well as custom materials. See our Peel-N-Place Arrays for more information on placing the domes with tape.

AskQ.Is there a recommended actuator for depressing the domes?

Answer:A. While there are any number of different sizes and shapes of actuators, we test the actuation force of our domes with a .050 diameter, flat-bottom plunger. See Test Criteria for more information on testing the domes.

AskQ.How are the domes packaged?

Answer:A. There are several different packaging methods to choose from, depending on your specific application. The domes can be packaged in Bulk (jars) , on polyester-adhesive Sheets (Peel-N-Place Arrays), Peel-N-Place Arrays on Tape and Reel, and in Cartridges for use with the Dart™ Placement Pen and the SureShot™ Automated Dome Placement Machine. Please click the appropriate link above for more information.

AskQ.Can your domes be assembled with standard pick and place equipment?

Answer:A. At this time we do not offer our domes packaged in the standard ammo-pack for pick and place equipment. However, our tape and reel arrays are ready to be placed by a fully automated system. Why place one part at a time, when you can place all of your switches at once? Please contact us for details about using a fully automated dome array placement machine.

AskQ.What does it mean to over-travel a metal dome?

Answer: A. Most of our metal domes are designed to be depressed to flat and no further. However, in some applications more travel is required. Our M-Series metal domes are designed with an additional .005" travel past the flat plane. This means that the dome will exhibit its designed characteristics only when over-travelled. Conversely, the dome will not exhibit its designed tactile response when pushed to flat. The M-Series metal domes will accomodate this additional travel without damaging the metal dome.


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